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14K Yellow Gold HAND-MADE Leaf Drop Earring

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You will love these beautiful HAND-MADE 14K earrings. Each set is custom, hand-made. Inspired by the character Erin Reagan-Boyle from the TV series Blue Bloods. Each set is 2.6 penny weight, which equals 3.9 grams total gold weight. This delicate drop leaf earring is perfected by the ancient process called Lost-Wax Casting. Made by designer, James Hunt, exclusively for Winkit. James hand creates every pair, including being the alchemist for the gold, stirring the pot 65 times to create exact 14K gold. Truly amazing, and offered at an incredible price. Here's more information on how these beauties are crafted. ***Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as each earring set is hand-made***

Lost-Wax Casting (also called by its French name, Cire Perdue) is the process by which a metal (such as silver, gold, brass, or bronze) sculpture is cast from an artist's scupture. Intricate works can be achieved by this method, primarily depending on the carver's skills. In industrial uses, the modern process is called investment casting. An ancient practice, the process today varies from foundry to foundry, but the steps which are usually used in casting small bronze sculptures in a modern bronze foundry are generally quite standarized. The oldest archaeological and literary evidence of lost-wax casting can be found in India, dating back nearly 5,000 years to the Harappan period.

Other names for the process include "lost mould", which recognizes that other materials besides wax can be used including tallow, resin, tar, and textile; and "waste wax process" or "waste mould casting", because the mould is destroyed to unveil the cast item. Other methods of casting include open casting, bivalve mould, and piece mould. Lost-wax casting was widespread in Europe until the 18th century, when a piece-mould process came to predominate.

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