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A Christmas Snow DVD

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"...a charming Christmas story the whole family will enjoy and you'll want to add to your collection of holiday movies." Donna Rolfe, The Dove Foundation

Kathleen Mitchell (Catherine Mary Stewart) has carried around the unwanted memory of her father abandoning her andher mother almost 30 year ago on Christmas Eve. Shehas always blamed her mother for htat night and still refuses to celebrate Christmas in any fashion. Although she has gtried to forget her past, it has not forgotten her, and in the days leading up to Christmas, a blizzard traps her in her house wtih two unlikely guests (Muse Watson & Cameron ten Napel).

The storm brings her face to face wtihthe hurts of her past, forcing her to choose one path: letting go and grabbing hold of a life-changing forgiveness or continuing to carry her pain and bitterness with her.

A Christmas Snow will challenge you to step out on the adventure of hope that waits for the heart that dares to forgive, as the storm of the century...brings the gift of a lifetime.


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