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Top 10 Life Improvement Kit

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THE PATH TO A NEW YOU STARTS HERE! Dr. Dennis Brummond shares his knowledge, experience, and expertise on how life improvement can be achieved in three ways - physically (through better health), mentally (through personal success), and spiritually (through greater happiness and inner peace). The Top 10 Life Improvement Kit includes the following 3 programs; Health/Fitness, Personal Success, Inner Peace/Happiness and each program includes: 1 video (DVD), 1 audio (CD), and a 12 week journal to track progress.

Health/Fitness: Achieve lifelong health and wellness in the easiest, simplest, yet most effective way. This program covers vital nutrition, specific 8-minute workouts, and 8 other key areas to better your health. You will naturally lose weight, get in shape and achieve greater fitness.

Personal Success: Become successful on a personal level first, and then bring that success to all other areas of life...relationships, career, finances, health, etc. By understanding how your mind and your ego work, you understand how to stop sbotaging yourself from achieving success in any area of your life.

Inner Peace/Happiness: Be comforable in your own skin by truly being yourself and not what you think the world wants you to be. Once you understand how the mind works, then you can let go of the past and be the person everyone loves you to be - YOU! No one's better at it than you.

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